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SOC Medium. Used in Bacterial Transformation.


  • SOB
  • 20 mM glucose


  1. Follow directions to make 1 liter of SOB media
  2. After cooling medium to less than 50°C, add 20 ml filter sterilized 20% glucose solution


  1. 2M glucose stock: dissolve 18 g glucose into 50 ml (final volume) ddH2O and filter-sterilize into sterile 50 ml tube
  2. aliquote in 2 ml tubes
  3. store at -20°C
Reagent for 1 L 500 mL 100 mL
2 M glucose 10 ml 5 ml 1 ml


Adapted From:

F. Ausubel et al., Short Protocols in Molecular Biology (John Wiley & Sons, ed. 4, 1999) pg. A1-36


The "C" in SOC supposedly stands for catabolite repression due to the added glucose.