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Synthetic Dextrose (SD) Medium. Defined Minimal yeast medium


Carbon source:

Dextrose 20g/L

Nitrogen source:

Ammonium sulfate 5g/L


Biotin 20μg/L
Calcium pantothenate 2mg/L
Folic acid 2μg/L
Inositol 10mg/L
Niacin 400μg/L
p-Aminobenzoic acid 200μg/L
Pyridoxine hydrochloride 400μg/L
Riboflavin 200μg/L
Thiamine hydrochloride 400μg/L

Compounds supplying trace elements:

Boric acid 500μg/L
Copper sulphate 40μg/L
Potassium iodide 100μg/L
Ferric chloride 200μg/L
Manganese sulphate 400μg/L
Sodium molybdate 200μg/L
Zinc sulphate 400μg/L


Potassium phosphate monobasic 850mg/L
Potassium phosphate dibasic 150mg/L
Magnesium sulphate 500mg/L
Sodium chloride 100mg/L
Calcium chloride 100mg/L


  1. Mix 6.7 g Difco YNB w/o Amino Acids with distilled water to 950 mL
    • If making plates add 20 g Agar in addition to YNB
  2. Autoclave (liquid cycle)
    • 250° F, 22 psi, 30 minutes
  3. Add 50 mL 40% glucose (available from the kitchen)


Adapted From:

F. Sherman, Getting started with yeast, Methods Enzymol. 350, 3-41 (2002)

or as a pdf: Getting started with yeast