SBWG@MIT: Journal Club Participants

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Participants, Speaking Rotation

  • Natalie Kuldell
  • Brian Belmont
  • Justin Buck
  • Pete Carr
  • Kelly Drinkwater
  • Josh Wolf
  • Julie Norville
  • Sachet Shukla
  • Laure-Anne Ventouras
  • Kevin Solomon
  • Russell Hanson
  • Jeffrey Mo
  • Bim Toth
  • Jingjing Sun
  • Yinqing Li
  • Cristian Grecu
  • Harris Wang
  • Yingjin Yuan
  • Daniel Bryan Goodman

If you'd like to participate in Journal Club, please email nkuldell AT mit DOT edu and you'll be added to the speaker schedule
If you need to switch your speaking date, just email another person on this list.