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Last time: basic PCR for sbb28, sbb29
This time: ran 2 analytical gels

3 microliters PCR
7 microliters Loading Buffer

While waiting, ran zymo cleanup on the 2 samples, final volume of 30.6 microliters
Stored in 140L Box A

Next time: digestion

Gel Results

Analytical gel images shown below (ladder breakdown on left, gels on right), loaded and imaged by Dorothy Tulanont

Generuler1kbplus.jpg DDT 02 22 10.jpg

Relevant Lanes:

  1. ladder
  2. sbb28 - looks to be about 1500 bp
  3. sbb29 - looks to be about 1000 bp

Both of these values are close to desired lengths, so PCR worked!