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Ideas from Meeting on 7-26-05

  • Midway booth needs organizing
    • Sell/giving books at Midway
    • Contact others who are interested to help man the table
      • Elke will send the email addresses on.
    • Brochures. Check the shelf in the office.
      • Email Jessica to get the combo. The room is next to SAA. The shelves are next to the ballroom dancing team closet.
  • Ideas for fall project
    • header pages available for reg. day
      • different formats: single staple vs. ring binding, post-it format
    • spread info on printing without header pages
    • gather together others who are interested to plan further events.
  • Where is SAVE bulletin board space?
  • Officer stuffs
    • Elke sends Lindsey the email addresses of interested others
    • We'll set Lindsey up as an ASA officer so she can get the emails.
    • Funding applications are divided into Fall, IAP/Spring, Spring.
    • Get the bank account number from Jessica.