Ryan N. Willhite Week 12

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Work day

Normalize Ratios

  1. Add rows
  2. Type Equations
  • =AVERAGE( : )
  • =STDEV( : )
  1. Insert columns and input equation
  • (cell 4-average)/Stdev)
  • Scaling and centering
    • =(B4-$B$2)/$B$3


Perform Statistical Analysis on the ratios

  • Average log fold change for replicates
    • =AVERAGE(B2:E2)
  • Make columns "Avg_LogFC_all"
  • New column "Tstat"- T statistic

=AVERAGE (N2:P2)/ STDEV (N2:P2)/SQRT (#of replicates)

  • New column "Pvalue."

TDIST(ABSCR2), (degrees of freedom, 2)

    • degree of freedom= #of replicates-1


Sanity Check: Number of genes significantly changed