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Beth A. Rowan

Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology

Autoimmunity in Plants

A one-day lab course performed in conjunction with the University of Tübingen to detect signs of autoimmune activation in natural populations of Arabidopsis thaliana.

Laboratory Exercise Technical Goals:

1. Isolate RNA
2. Convert RNA to cDNA
3. Perform qPCR

Laboratory Exercise Conceptual Goals:
1. Understand autoimmune activation in plants
2. Learn how to survey for signs of autoimmune activation
3. Understand how qPCR works
4. Interpret qPCR results

4 hours of instruction for one day.
Course taught Summer 2015; Summer 2016.
For 2017, please contact Talia Karasov.

Advanced Scientific Writing
Focuses on writing the essential components of research papers and theses: Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion.

Course Goals:
1. Identify the hallmarks of effective scientific writing.
2. Know how to structure your writing projects and manage your time effectively to expedite their completion.
3. Employ strategies for avoiding common writing mistakes and plagiarism.
4. Construct a narrative of your research.
5. Write clearly, logically, and concisely in order to communicate your ideas expertly.
6. Review and critique texts from other authors.
7. Make your writing fit the scientific method and highlight the broader context of your research project.
8. Solicit feedback from peers and experts on drafts.

12 hours of instruction over four weeks. Last taught Spr 2015, Spr 2014, and Fall 2013.

Contact Derek Lundberg and Stanley Neufeld for 2016 and 2017 offerings

Introduction to Next-Generation Sequencing Workshop (as a TA)
Focuses on the history of Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies, laboratory methods for preparing sequencing libaries, and data analysis. Offered as a 3-day workshop. Last taught Fall 2011.

University of Washington (as a TA)

  • Advanced Cell Biology (BIOL 401)
  • Foundations of Molecular and Cellular Biology (BIOL 355)
  • Introduction to Plant and Animal Physiology (BIOL 220)