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General Robot Information

  • All files are in My Documents->Janus->Tahoura
    • Robot Excel Files are where you change the volumes etc.
    • Robot CSV files are the files the robot can understand.
    • Robot Protocols are the files that the robot uses to actually execute what the excel files say.


  1. Any suggestions
  2. Any need to move things to 96 instead of 384, because protocols are slightly different.

Stuff to Cover

  1. available programs, what they are called.
  2. basic run starting from excel file to execution
  3. robot-y quirks
    1. clicky-clicky-clicky to get out of death spiral.
  1. alterations

To Begin Any Robot Protocol

  1. Turn on computer first. This is important. If the robot is turned on before the computer, it can't find it,and you have to restart the computer.
  2. Turn on robot.
  3. Go to 'My Documents'->Janus->Tahoura->Robot Excel Files, and open appropriate file. Each file contains two spreadsheets. The first is called General Information-Instructions and has instructions on how to modify volumes etc. The second sheet is where you actually make changes.Details on how to change information, save the file as a CSV etc are all found in the spread sheet.
  4. After step 3, you should have already saved your robot excel file as a CSV. Next, launch WinPrep for Janus.Janus will automatically load which ever test was last used. To start off any robot run, its best to do a flush wash cycle to get air/dust out of the lines. At the top of the page go to Utilities->Diagnostic Tests->Flush/Wash Tips. The robot will through up a window called FlushWashSys.Mpt asking if the Deck Layout is okay. Basically, it wants to know if all the labware is where it thinks it is. Clikc Deck Layout Ok, run test now.
  5. Robot will through up a window asking what volume of water you want to flush wash. 6000 ul is great, so press start.
  6. If you're running the robot for the first time since turning it on, it will not immediately do as you ask and do these funny little twitches and adjustments for a bit. Let it. I'm not sure why that's the case, but that's just the way it is :D
  7. After the Flush/Wash Cycle, go to File->Open to open the test you want to run. All test options are stored in the folder Robot Protocols, which can be found in My Documents->Janus->Tahoura.
  8. The final steps involve make sure the robot can find your CSV.
  9. Go to Test Outline on the far left of the screen. Double click the node. It should throw up Single Liquid Paramters. At the top of the window, click the Tab labeled run time parameters. Click Files
  10. Click Browse
  11. Find and select the appropriate CSV. To confirm that the CSV has updated, press refresh at the bottom of the window, and the preview should update to reflect the your values. Click Okay to close that window, and then close on the runtime parameters window.
  12. Click execute test
  13. start
  14. alternate stuff for later.