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Introduction to Biochemical Engineering: ChemEng 592B

This course is intended to be an introductory course in biochemical engineering, focusing on the application of chemical engineering and biochemistry principles to the design and optimization of processes in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, energy, healthcare and food industries. Topics covered will include enzyme catalysis, metabolic engineering and regulation, molecular cloning to create industrial cell lines, fermentation, microbial growth, bioreactor design, cellular oxygen supply, tissue engineering and product recovery and purification. Offered in the fall.

Fundamentals of Cellular Engineering: ChemEng 680

Overview of cellular engineering research. This is a core course for students beginning the ICE IGERT Program. Students will gain experience reading the primary literature and will become familiar with experimental approaches that are used in cellular engineering research. This is a survey course and is not meant to provide comprehensive or exhaustive coverage of any particular area of cellular engineering. Offered in the fall.

Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory: ChemEng/Biochem 590A

A comprehensive student-driven laboratory course in biotechnology process engineering focusing on the laboratory skills necessary to bring a product to the marketplace. This course is intended for seniors in chemical engineering or biochemistry. Offered in the spring.