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The Rickus Lab is located in the Bindley Bioscience Center at Purdue University.

Please also visit our Rickus Lab Websiteand the Physiological Sensing Facility Website


  1. You must fulfill all safety requirements before working in the labs. See Safety Wiki for details.

Internal Lab Resources

  1. Scientific Writing
  2. Rickus Lab Meeting Schedule
  3. Cell Culture Basics
  4. Lab Duties
  5. Lab Protocols and Training
  6. Useful References
  7. FlexStation II Users

Scientific Professional Development for Graduate Students and Post Docs

See Grad Student Resources for details.

Purdue iGEM

  1. ]http://purduebiomakers.com/ Purdue Biomakers iGEM student organization]
  2. Registry of Standard Biological Parts

References for Fundamental Design Principles in Synthetic Biology [Designing and engineering evolutionary robust genetic circuits JBE 2010]


  1. ABE 495 Honors Synthetic Life
  2. Nonlinear Dynamics in Biological Systems
  3. The Neuronal Biointerface CLA
  4. Biol 295F Quantitative Biology of the Living Cell. This class is no longer being offered.

Biological Engineering Internship and Job Opportunities

links are below, however, remember that your best chances are rarely through website applications alone.

  1. Purdue BioCareers
  2. Institute of Biological Engineering Career Resources there is a job bank and resume posting. You should load your resume adn look for postings here. Also there is typically an industry roundtable and sometimes an industry tour associated with the annual meeting!
  3. DowAgroSciences contact Dr. Rickus if interested
  4. Genzyme
  5. Merck
  6. GenScript
  7. MIT Lincoln Labs look for their callouts on campus!
  8. Roche

Summer Research Programs

  1. Oak Ridge National Lab HERE program
  2. NSF REU summer research programs relevant programs could be listed under engineering, biological sciences, physics, chemistry etc. many are interdisciplinary.
  3. Office of Naval Research Summer Internships
  4. J. Craig Venter Institute JVCI
  5. Summer Research Lab in Biotech/art/architecture

Undergraduate Scholarship Links

Graduate Fellowship Links