Richard Lab:Review of ammonia emission models

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Haslam et al, 1924 Emperical derivation of a mass transfer coefficient for amomnia in air. The resulting cofficients have been used since 1924 in theoratical models for predicting ammonia emissions. Hala
Jiqin Ni. 1999. Mechanistic Models of Ammonia Release from Liquid Manure: a Review. J. Agric. Engng Res.(72), 1-17. Available online The core model uopn whihc 30 reviewed NH3 emisison models are based, is a convective transfer model: flux in mass/(time.area)= mass transfer coefficient in m/s (concentration gradient). The manure concentration in this model can be measured or derived using Henry's constant, dissociation ocnstant (if ammonium level in material is known), and other factors. [..] .
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