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Lab shopping list: lab members, feel free to edit

  1. pens, pencils
  2. goo gone
  3. large magnetic stirrers
  4. gloves
  5. Rack for labelling tape
  6. brushes
  7. Vials
  8. Vial racks
  9. Ice bucket with lid
  10. Agar medium/ nutrient medium
  11. Gas burner, lighter
  12. steel rod for plating
  13. Glass plates
  14. Floaters
  15. Thermometers
  16. clipboard
  17. 1 ml in 1/100ths syrological pipettes

Every lab member needs to...

  1. add their projects, email, and (optional) link to their website
  2. update lab notebook (optional)
  3. add their assigned contributions to the website
  4. add anything else they think should be on this website, but do not change / create titles of new pages: Bring it up in the discussion instead. The wrong title format causes overlap between our files and other's on the openwetware server.