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For Fall 2014-Spring 2015 Gary Trubl and Moira Hough particpated as Sky school fellows

Sky School consists of 1-5 day science programs for Arizona K-12 students at the 25-acre Mt. Lemmon campus. Programs focus on core UA science areas such as sky island ecology, biology, geology, and astronomy and have been developed in collaboration with local school districts to meet Arizona State and Next Generation Science Standards. I specifically bridge microbiology and astronomy and share the field of astrobiology with the students. Responsibilities include participating in 4-5 Sky School events in the fall and spring (20+ days per year), in which leading daytime activities and participating in evening activities. Daytime activities are for a group of 5-10 students and include sample collection, learning projects, and demonstrations. Evening events include star gazing, sample analysis, and presentations. Students leave Sky School with a completed project and a newfound love for sky island environments.

Contact: Director Dr. Alan Strauss