Rich Lab: KXCI, Tucson's Local Radio

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Link to recording: [[1]]
  • Event Name: KXCI, Tucson's Local Radio
  • Coordinator: Dr. Carol Bender (Head of Undergraduate Biology Research Program)
  • Theme: 'The Thesis,' interviewing undergraduates on their research and how music has affected it
  • Who: KXCI
  • When: September 4th, 2014. Live at 4:00 P.M.
  • Where: Downtown, near Armory Park
  • Purpose: To talk about the lab's research, and the projects happening over at the university.
  • Summary
    The Tucson Public radio holds a weekly program called 'Thesis Thursday.' Undergraduate researchers take turns from the University of Arizona to come down and talk about their work in the lab, 
    and then explain how music affected their lives as scientists. They are asked to bring two of their favorite songs. Environmental Science major Sarah (Rose) Vining attended on September 4th to describe 
    her work on the Great Barrier Reef Project as part of SWES-MEL. Instead of bringing songs, she brought her violin to play for the interviewer. 

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