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  • Syngouna, V. I., & Chrysikopoulos, C. V. (2015). Experimental investigation of virus and clay particles cotransport in partially saturated columns packed with glass beads. Journal of colloid and interface science, 440, 140-150.
  • Pecson, B. M., Decrey, L., & Kohn, T. (2012). Photoinactivation of virus on iron-oxide coated sand: Enhancing inactivation in sunlit waters. water research, 46(6), 1763-1770.
  • Nieto-Juarez, J. I., & Kohn, T. (2013). Virus removal and inactivation by iron (hydr) oxide-mediated Fenton-like processes under sunlight and in the dark. Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences, 12(9), 1596-1605.