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The role of curator

In the context of an Openwetware WikiReview a curator is a person who takes responsibility for keeping a given review up to date and accurate. Taking on the responsibility of curating implies a commitment to making regular checks on the review and staying up to date with the literature in the area of the review. In essence a curator is making a commitment to maintain the quality and usefulness of the review. In the longer term this should be a role that is recognised as a contribution to the community. Active curators can reasonably expect to be listed as authors on any journal publication that provides a formal peer reviewed citation to the review. Ideally if a curator finds they cannot continue in that role then they would find a replacement or consider whether the review should be retired completely.

Who can edit a review

Any registered user can edit a review or add comments and should feel free to do so without necessarily taking on the extra responsibility of being a curator. Additional references can be added directly to the text. If a contributor wishes to change the text significantly it is suggested they make a suggestion on the discussion page for the review and discuss the changes with the curators.