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Some quick notes on how I made this google earth tour video (so that I can do it again).

In Google Earth

  1. Set the disk cache size to 2000 MB (under Preferences->Cache)
  2. Set the Tour Pause to 0.5 seconds (under Preferences->Touring)
  3. View->Show Navigation->Never
  4. View->View Size->Computer Playback->640 x 480
  5. Hide the status bar

In Snapz Pro X - 2.0.3

  1. Cmd-shift-3 to launch
  2. Set the frame rate to 30 per second
  3. Check the option for smoother video which is more CPU intensive
  4. Press return to start recording
  5. Press Cmd-shift-3 to stop recording

You can use QuickTime Pro to trim a few seconds off the beginning.

Future improvements

  1. Have it show dialog boxes at each institution with descriptions and pictures of the labs.
  2. Somehow automate addition of labs to the kmz file.
  3. Do something like Mappr in which it pulls in flickr photos that are tagged with openwetware and a latitude and longitude and displays them on a map.

The file

In case anyone wants to make a better version of this video ... here is the kmz file: OpenWetWare.kmz.