Regulation of root hair development by auxin

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Contact Details

Angharad Jones, School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol, Woodland Road, Bristol. BS8 1UG

Grierson Lab at the University of Bristol

Angharad (Harry) did her PhD research on the role of auxin in root hair development with Colin Lazarus and Claire Grierson. This resulted in several major new insights into root hair development. For the last year Harry has been working as a post doc in the Grierson lab supported by a one year fellowship that she won from the Lady Emily Smyth Agricultural Research Station. In February 2010 Harry will move to the Friml lab in Ghent.

Jones, AR, Kramer, EM, Knox, K, Swarup, RJ, Bennett, MJ, Lazarus, CM, Leyser, HMO & Grierson, CS (2009) 'Auxin transport through non-hair cells sustains root-hair development', Nature Cell Biology, 11(1), (pp. 78-84), 2009.

Jones, AR, Lazarus, CM, & Grierson CS (submitted) "Non-hair cells initiate root hairs in an actin-dependent, auxin responsive manner, but polar root hair initiation is only seen in root hair cells"

Jones, AR, Lazarus, CM, & Grierson CS (in preparation) "Regulation of root hair development by ethylene."