Registry of standard biological parts/PCR-based assembly

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Going to get a better feel for this by doing a few biobrick constructions using PCR-assembly

  1. <bbpart>J04500</bbpart>+<bbpart>I13501</bbpart> = <bbpart>J04450</bbpart>
  2. <bbpart>R0010</bbpart>+<bbpart>I13504</bbpart> = <bbpart>J04430</bbpart>
  1. <bbpart>F2620</bbpart>+<bbpart>P1010</bbpart>+<bbpart>E0240</bbpart>
    • will try this one as a 3-way


Can use UDG (NEB USER enzyme) to replace all restriction digests and could also eliminate secondary PCRs also. You would just need to design your oligos to contain a U in the right location, assuming that there'll be a T somewhere in the vacinity of the ends of the parts you are trying to combine.



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