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BioBrick Plasmid Architecture

  • Description: BioBrick plasmid model to define number of plasmid copies in simulations
  • Hypothesis:
    • the number of plasmid copies is an average among a given population of cells.
  • Inputs:
    • none
  • Outputs:
    • nbPlasmidCopies
  • Characteristic parameters:
    • Unit: copy
File:VBB Plasmid.png
Plasmid Brick Architecture

CellML structure (CellML 1.1 spec)

  • Component: Plasmid
  • Units:
    • copy
  • Variables:
    • nbCopiesPlasmid (public interface = out / initial value = 300.)
  • MathML
    • none


BioBricks from Registry CellML file
not applicable Media:BioBrick_Plasmid_Model.xml
not applicable other plasmid

CellML Code

CellML Code

<syntax type = 'xml'>

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<model xmlns=""


<component name="promoter-RBS_constitutive">

<variable name="nbGeneCopiesOut" initial_value="1" public_interface="out" units="dimensionless"/>


</model> </syntax>


  • This component is used to customize a given circuit to a particular plasmid construct in terms of copy number
  • This component defines the average number of gene copies per cell due to the number of plasmid copies.