Registry of Standard Biological Models/Basic Component Models/BioBrick Environment

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BioBrick Environment Architecture

  • Description: BioBrick environment model to define time and units used in simulations
  • Hypothesis:
    • n/a
  • Inputs:
    • none
  • Outputs:
    • time
  • Characteristic parameters:
    • Unit: zero order reaction
    • Unit: first order reaction
    • Unit: second order reaction
    • Unit: molarity
    • Unit: ...
Environment Brick Architecture

CellML structure (CellML 1.1 spec)

  • Component: Environment
  • Units:
    • Zero order reaction
    • First order reaction
    • Second order reaction
  • Variables:
    • time (public interface = out / initial value = 0.)
  • MathML
    • none


BioBricks from Registry CellML file
not applicable Media:BioBrick_Environment_Model.xml
not applicable other environment


  • This component is used to promote consistency in the use of units across all the other components (import mechanism)
  • This component defines the time in our simulations.