Registry/Measurement kit/Notebook/2007-8-9

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  • Reviewed sequencing results:
    • None of E0240 worked except E0240-EX, E2. Not sure about ES, M2.
    • F2620 isn't right, should try re-ligating and transformibg in DB3.1
    • 55-SX-B0031 was backwards
    • 57 ES r0040 #1 is good.
    • 57 EX "J116" (actually 102): #1 has mutated beginning, #2 could be a poor read
    • 57 EX R0040: both (1&2) are good.
  • Should try more colonies of E0240
  • making o/n of B0034 (S/X) I2055. two colonies worked.
    • perhaps the S/X construct is too difficult to use?