Registry/Measurement kit/Notebook/2007-7-8

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M/N Digest of I2055

  • Hopefully it has the promoter
  • Ligated into 1AK3 and transformed.

Colony PCRs

  • Running a gel
    • loading order:T9002 in 3K3 (4-1), I2055 in 1AK3 (1-4), E0240 in 3K3(4-1), E0240 in 1AK3(1,2).
Gel from 7/8/07
  • Seems to be a problem with 3K3 (perhaps not digested fully?)
  • Making cultures to sequence:
    • T9002-3K3(bad): #3
    • I2055-1AK3: #1
    • E0240-3K#(bad): #3
    • E0240-1AK3: #1
  • Since 3K3 may be causing the problems, making o/n of it to mini-prep tomorrow and digest.


  • Prepared sequencing reaction.