Registry/Measurement kit/Notebook/2007-6-27

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To Do

  • Colony verification PCR of rfp-based RBS tester (done)
  • Scarring PCR of E0240 with Tm of 49.5 deg (done)
  • Grad. PCR of I2055 (done)
  • Decide what to do with rfp promoter tester (ligation)

Colony PCR

  • Colony 1 is from yesterday's single colony; 2-7 are from today's

I2055 gradient PCR

  • Using another stock of primers
  • Using same gradient, 49-60 deg
  • Made new dilution of dNTP's


  • row 1: ladder, grad 1-12, ladder
  • row 2: ladder, col 1-7, E0240, ladder
    • No bands. Will upload picture.

RFP Promoter tester

  • Ligated B0032, J04650, tet and chlor backbones
  • Transformed in MG1655