Registry/Measurement kit/Notebook/2007-6-16

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  • Plates with transformation of ligation product seem to be overgrown.
  • Streaking them out on new Tet plates to get single colonies.

  • Actually, the problem is most likely that the tetracycline plates didn't work.

  • Poured new Tet and Chloramphenicol plates
  • Tet: (1 in 1000): added 500µL to 500mL
  • Chlor: (1 in 250): added 2.5 mL to 500mL

  • Transferring colonies from old plates to new ones using Jason's makeshift protocol:
  1. Add 1 mL of LB to the plate
  2. Get the LB to cover all of the colonies
  3. Pipet, or if you're feeling brave, pour the LB into a tube
  4. Plate 50~100µL onto the new plate
  • Placed excess of transfer LB in the -4 fridge.