Reading Oxygen Consumption Plates

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Step 1

Turn on the plate-reader (there is a button on the back) as well as the computer. When the computer screen is up, double click on the ODESSEY and use the username of Tim to log in . The password is “Tim”. This will open the window of control.

Step 2

Click on the temperature control (it is an icon that has a degree C symbol). Change the temperature to 37.

Step 3

Make sure that the “reader configuration” is fluorescence and that the machine is hooked up right. To verify this, open the cover of the machine, there are two probes that enter from the left-hand panel, the short-red-marked probe should be in the “emission” bay and the longer probe in the “excitation” bay at the back of the machine.

Step 4

Obtain the oxygen consumption plate from the upper 37’C incubator. Walk carefully keeping the plate level as to not disturb the gradient.

Step 5

Put the plate in the machine (lid on) and then press the green light, select the program named “JuliOC”. Name this reading the name on the plate (ie plate 8).

Step 6

When finished turn on the plate-reader and the computer- place the plate back at 37’C