Reactor Medium (In Progress)

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In Development. 2013-12-18

MOPS-Buffered Medium

Medium is prepared in 2L GL25-side port influent vessel equipped with three top port cap.

1. Rinse Medium Bottle with de-ionized or MQ water

2. Place 2 inch stir bar into vessel

3. Place 40 ml of 50x Salt Solution into influent vessel (non-sterile salt solution is stored on KMB's shelf in -4C room)

4. Add 1860 ml of MQ de-ionized water to the vessel

5. Loosely connect GL25 cap so that pressure may escape during autoclaving process.

6. Add GL45 - 3 port cap with luer-equipped gas input.

7. Autoclave on liquid cycle for 45 minutes.

8. Let liquid cool for 10 minutes in Autoclave.

9. Immediately transfer the liquid under stream (>0.1Bar) of N2/CO2

10. Let cool for 15 minutes while gas stream is passing.

11. Transfer the vessel to ice-water bath to cool, before adding additional components.


5x Salt Solution