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This presentation from the BioMIBLab Summer 2006 Workshop is an imaging bioinformatics tool.

This presentation includes a comparison of the features of two bioinformatics tools, Reactome and cMAP.



Curated resource of core pathways and reactions in human biology and 21 non-human species.
A prototype system to access and link molecular profiles, molecular targets, targeted agents, and clinical data.


  • Data model / Schema
consists of pathways, reactions, entities
  • Search / Extended search
links to external references
  • Pathfinder
finds pathways linked with input/output compounds
  • Skypainter
identifies significant events linked with genes
  • Downloads
manage local versions
  • Editorial calendar
lists planned updates, curation information
  • Context
defines tissue and histology types
  • Molecular profiles
displays expression ratios spatially in chromosomal and 2D array formats
  • Molecular targets
organizes gene targets based on:
ontology (GO)
pathways (BioCARTA)
CMAP annotated pathways
  • Targeted agents
found in CTEP, CMAP trials
  • Clinical trials

Full Presentation

Reactome & cMAP PowerPoint Presentation


cMAP Homepage

Reactome Homepage