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Bio-Nanomaterials Interface Design and Applications Laboratory (BIDAL)

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Principal Investigator

Adarsh Radadia, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
Institute for Micromanufacturing Biomedical Engineering Center

Research Staff

Radadia Labmembers AG.jpg Radadia Labmembers DW.jpg Radadia Labmembers DT.jpg
Alfred Gunasekaran, Ph.D.
Metrology lab including AFM, TEM, SEM, Interferometers, and microscopy
Debbie Woods
Instrumentation and equipment troubleshooting
Dee Tatum
Instrumentation and equipment troubleshooting

Graduate Students

Radadia Labmembers 1.jpg 150px 150px
Grad Student 1
Engineering Ph.D. program
Grad Student 2
BME Ph.D. program
Grad Student 3
BME Ph.D. program

Undergraduate Students

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Undergrad 1 Undergrad 2 Undergrad 3

Administrative Assistant

Radadia admin SE.jpg Radadia admin JF.jpg Radadia admin AW.jpg
Sharon Ellis
Grant administration and budgeting
Jeanette Futrell
Facility reservations
Angelia Wallace
Poster printing, student payroll, and travel


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alum 1
alum 1
alum 2
alum 2
alum 3
alum 3