Quantification of glucose

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This method is used to quantify glucose using a YSI 2700 Select biochemistry analyzer. The maximum concentration that should be read is 3 grams per liter, so dilutions may need to be made before analysis.



  1. Rinse out Buffer container and fill to line with YSI 2357 Buffer solution
  2. Hit [Menu} then {2-MeasParameter] then [2-CalMethod] then [1-One Station]
  3. Hit [Enter] twice to return to Measurement Parameter Set up Screen
  4. Hit [3-Black]
  5. Make sure Current BLACK probe chem is set to NONE. If it isn't, hit [1-Next chemistry] until NONE appears and hit [ENTER] to save
  6. Hit [4-White] and set Current WHITE probe chem to Dextrose
  7. Hit [Enter] 4 times to return to Measurement Parameter Set up Screen
  8. Hit [Menu] to return to home screen


  1. Hit [Run] and wait for system to complete calibration
  2. When Ready screen appears, hit [Sample]
  3. Present sample to needle in Station S3 without touching needle to tube
  4. Hit [Sample] and wait for needle to retract
  5. Results will print out at the completion of run
  6. To continue testing samples, hit [Sample] when Ready screen appears

  • Note: After 5-7 runs, system will automatically calibrate.


  • Glucose standard good for 30 days after opening
  • replace tubing every 6 months
  • Glucose membrane needs to be replaced every 21 days (Ethanol membrane is every 5 days)