Qianben Wang Laboratory

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Qianben Wang Laboratory

Laboratory of Cancer Epigenomics

Department of Cancer Biology and Genetics, The Ohio State University

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The schematic diagram of androgen receptor binding element (ARBE)-directed AR transcriptional regulation. Upper panel shows that agonist-bound AR (red) recognizes an agonist-ARBE in an agonist-specific manner, whereas the bottom panel indicates that antagonist-bound AR (blue) binds to an antagonist-ARBE in an antagonist-dependent manner. The binding of AR to two distinctly different motifs leads to distinct transcriptional outcomes in prostate cancer. The crystal structures of the DNA binding domain (DBD), dihydrotestosterone-ligand binding domain (DHT-LBD) and bicalutamide-LBD are modified from 1R4I, 1T7T and 1Z95, respectively.