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DNA Star is a bioinformatics software that can facilitate primer design, sequence verification, and


DNA Star software

  • SeqBuilder
  • Primer Select
  • EditSeq
  • SeqMan


  • Create sequence file
  1. Copy and paste expected sequence from PlasmoDB into an old Word file ('97-'03). Save file. Transfer to front computer via flash drive.
  2. Open file. Open EditSeq > New Sequence > DNA. Copy and paste from Word to open window. Save file.
  • Verify sequence
  1. Open SeqMan > Add sequence > Select forward and reverse sequences from shipment + EditSeq file of actual sequence > Assemble
  2. Window will pop up:

ONE contig file = good MORE THAN ONE contig file = not good

  1. Double-click on a contig file to review sequence alignment.
  2. Red = mutation

No red = no mutation


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