Protocol for 9-12-09 experiment

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overnight inoculation of bacteria into LB. induce w/arabinose in new media for 5hours

Prepping Maxisorp Plates:

1. incubate for 2hrs in 50ul of espA with Tris (5ul espA and 45ul Tris)
2. wash twice with Tris in plate washer
3. do a comomassie test in extra wells to detect for presence of protein (when I did this, the plate bottom did not turn blue...perhaps not that much proteins?)
4. add 100ul of ~.5mg/ml BSA in TRIS (protocol on the protocols page says 1mg/ml, but there was not enough BSA)
5. incubate for 3hours at 37C
6. aspirate BSA out

7. Add 100ul of bacteria into the maxisorp plate. (original protocol called for 5ul bacteria in 95ul of 1mg/ml BSA in TRIS, but there was not enough BSA)
8. incubate for 3hours at 37C no shaking
9. aspirated out the bacteria/media, flicked out the remaining liquid
10. added 100ul of LB with AC antibiotics
11. placed in 37C incubator, no shaking, overnight for 10 hours.
(steps 9-11 were done differently from the original protocol, so might account for all the wells having growth.)