Protein motifs

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Search tools for protein motifs:

  • PRINTS - Protein motifs fingerprint database
  • ProDom - Protein domain database
  • Prosite - database of families and domains. Search engine for pasting and searching sequences
  • Interproscan - search interface to the Interpro database of protein motifs
  • SLiMSearch searches for occurrences of pre-defined motifs in protein sequences. SLiMSearch uses sequence context in terms of structural disorder and evolutionary conservation to mask input proteins and/or rank motif occurrences
  • CPPpred is a server for the prediction of cell penetrating peptides based on a novel N-to-1 neural network. CPPpred aims to determine for a set of peptides how likely each of them is to be cell penetrating. The peptides can simply be entered into the text box, and will be ranked according to their CPPpred score.