Protein Biotechnology:BIO501

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  • Elements of Protein Biochemistry

Ν. Μοschonas 3 hours
Architectural elements of the genome, types of DNA sequences, genes coding for proteins, multi-gene families, structure-function relationships of proteins
Μ. Κοkkinidis 6 hours
Structural and physical chemical properties of proteins

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  • Enzyme Catalysis

Κ. Petratos

  • Introduction to Enzymes

The chemical nature of enzymes and definitions of basic terms of enzymology
Structural characteristics of known enzymes

  • Enzyme Kinetics

Basic Principles
The 'Michaelis-Menten' Theory
Definitions of kinetic parameters
Estimation of kinetic parameters via plotting of appropriate functions
Chemical kinetics of enzymatic reactions with multiple substrates
Enzyme inhibition
Analysis of the 'Hill' plots
Regulation of enzymatic function

  • Mechanisms of Enzymatic Catalysis

General principles of enzymatic catalysis

Vorgias CE

  • Molecular Basis of some Genetic Diseases

Contributions of the elucidation of the function of proteins