Protease inhibitors

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I didn't format this into a table, but it can be found here:

or bought here: 3. PLAAC - protease inhibitors Pepstatin, leupeptin, antipain, aprotinin, and chymostatin yes $130.00 25 tablets Roche no: 11836170001

Protease inhibitors: Protease inhibitor Stock concentration Working concentration Amount required per ml Comments Aprotinin 2.2 mg/ml 3.3 μg/ml 1.5 μl Dissolve in water, store at 4 °C. Leupeptin 10 mg/ml 10 μg/ml 1 μl Dissolve in water, store at 4 °C. Pepstatin 2 mg/ml 4 μg/ml 2 μl Dissolve in ethanol, store at −20 °C. Heat to 48 °C to dissolve before storage. AEBSF, hydrochloride* 100 mM 1 mM 10 μl Dissolve 100 mg in 4.18 ml water, store at 4 °C. This is a non−toxic alternative to PMSF

  • 8727;4−(−2−Aminoethyl) benzenesulfonlyfluoride, HCl