Proposed protocol for mgfp tyrosinase exp

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2 plates will be done: 1 with acetate and another without in the phosphate buffer

1. grow up cells with negative control
2. induce the cells overnight
3. pellet cells at 5700rpm for 10min
4. make 10X solution of tyrosinase enzyme (500ug/ml)
5. add 10ul of enzyme solution into 96 well plates
6. resuspend cells in 90ul of phosphate buffer and transfer into a 96well plate
7. incubate at 25C for 1hr
8. tecan to observe for cell flocculation (?)
9. wash the wells in phosphate buffer with program on plate washer called 3.14
10. stain with coomassie
11. look for blueness and also look at wells under light microscope