Probe Station Manuel

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Clean Room Preparation

  • Before Entering Clean room.....
  • Wash your hands and arms
  • Make sure there is nothing you are bringing into the clean room that could spread dust or contaminate the experiment.
  • Put on clean room suit. (hat, coat, shoe covers)
  • Stamp feet on duct tape mat after you put on the shoe covers.

Wafer Preparation

Turning Everything On

  • Turn on Computer next to the probe station and open the Lab view file
  • Turn the power on for all of the equipment on the left side of the probe station.
  • Open the light covering. The Hydrolics are too strong so slow the rise of the cover so it does not slam at the top.
  • Turn on the probe station using the switch on the right backside.
  • Turn on the light for the microscope using the dial on the front right next to the probe station.

Prepare the Table

  • Wipe down the moving disk surface of the probe station with a chem wipe and alcohol
  • Make sure that the dial and the switch on the right side are set to index
  • In Labview, change the Positioner Options to Initialize Rk680
  • Click run and wait a bit for Labview to finish calibrating the moving disk.
  • Once Labview is finished change the Positioner Options to Manuel Move and click run again. Click yes when it asks you if you have lifted the probe card.
  • You can now move the table using the arrows on the screen. Move the disk to a central location so you have freedom to move in all directions after placing the wafer.
  • Raise the microscope so there is plenty of space between the dis surface.

Prepare the Silicon Wafer Piece

  • These silicon pieces are very expensive and fragile so handle with great care.
  • Take your silicon container and open it next to the probe station.
  • If you look very closely at your wafer it will have long black rectangles on one of the sides. This is the side of interest that you wish to place under the microscope.
  • Open the container next to the probe station and use the white plastic tweasers to place the wafer on the probe station disk.
  • Either carefully slide the wafer or move the disk surface to have the microscope light on the area of interest of your wafer.
  • Focus the microscope and move the wafer so that you can see the middle of the prongs of your silicon wafer.
  • Make sure that the wafer is positioned so the prongs can be seen as you move your focus from the left of the wafer to the right

Set up the Detector Card

  • Zoom out with the microscope enough so that you can easily slide the Detector Card into the machine.
  • Attach the Multi-colored connector to the card and slide it into the machine making sure that the microscope light is centered on the middle of the Detector Card.
  • Focus the microscope so that you can see the "hooks" of the Detector Card and try your best to line the Detector Card so that you can scan across the center and see all of the hooks on top and bottom.
  • Use the Allen wrench to tighten the screws that will hold your Detector Card in the correct place.
  • Now change the focus so you can see through the Detector Card hooks and focus on the wafer prongs again.

Connecting the Detector Card and the Wafer

  • Use the dial that moves the disk surface up and down. Move the table down until the hooks from the Detector Card come into view.
  • Use the knob on the front left of the disk surface to rotate the silicon so that the hooks line up with the wafer circuits.
  • Then continue to move the table down slowly until you see the hooks move slighty inward on the wafer circuits. When this happens you are watching the Detector Card hooks make contact with your wafer.
  • Close the light covering. You are now ready to take data!

DC Test

__ Test

AC Test

__ Test