Preparing for Level II inspections

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Level II inspections are conducted twice a year by John Fucillo and members of the MIT EHS office. Sample questions from both the weekly Level I and biannual Level II inspections can be found at the bottom ofthe page. In order to insure your personal space meets all requirements, please check the following:

  1. Verify that your safety training is up to date.
  2. Your sharps contained and any small equipment that may come in contact with biological samples is marked with a biohazard sticker (see Heather to obtain additional stickers).
  3. All chemicals are clearily labeled with complete chemical names or standard abbreviations. This includes all waste containers used on the bench top, which must indicate the type of waste they contain (for example Qiagen kit waste).
  4. All containers of liquid that are not actively in use must be sealed. Make sure bottle tops are securely fastened and not just sitting on the top of the bottle. Make sure all waste cups are covered with parafilm (with no holes).
  5. Make sure chemicals are not being stored on the floor, unless in a secondary container.
  6. The surface of your bench is clean. You should be cleaning this surface frequently and the lab should appear neat and orderly (see questions 14b an 26 below).
  7. Emergency exit pathways should be clear (meaning empty boxes need to be recycled, and chairs should not be in the way, etc.).
  8. Biohazard waste is being properly disposed of.
    • Bags of autoclave waste are sterilized promtply (untreated bags are not sitting around lab).
    • Sterilized bags of waste are properly tagged and marked in the waste log.
    • Waste is promptly treated when the can becomes full (i.e. the lids should be shutting properly or else the waste needs to be autoclaved ASAP).
    • Any bags of waste removed from a can should be labeled with a biohazard sticker if they have not yet been autoclaved.
  9. All waste containers in the SAA are properly labeled, lids are secure, and all full containers have been dated and reported for removal.
  10. There is no eating or drinking in the lab. All traces of food must be removed. Do not dispose of food/candy wrappers in lab trashcans. Food should be stored in the tea room and not at your desk. Chapstick and medication must be out of sight in a pocket or personal bag.
  11. You should be wearing closed toed shoes and appropriate PPE when conducting lab work.
  12. The back sash of the chemical fume hood should be free of obstructions and any unnecessary items should be stored outside of the hood so that there is sufficient space to work.

Level II Inspection points:

14b. Are bench tops being decontaminated with appropriate cleaner or disinfectants following work involving microbial agents?

15a. Are chemical containers labeled with the identity of the material?

15b. Are chemicals stored appropriately when not in use?

15c. If chemicals are stored on the floor, are they within approved secondary containers for lab storage?

16. Are all personnel in the lab are observing the required protocol of not eating or drinking in the area?

17d. Are laboratory personnel wearing eye protection, lab coats, gloves, and other appropriate personal protective equipment?

20. Are doors to and from laboratories kept closed when required?

21. Are extension cords being used properly (i.e. not daisy chained, not used in place of permanent wiring)?

24a. Is the bottom slot of the chemical fume hood at least 70 percent unobstructed?

26. Is the appearance of the laboratory neat, orderly, and clean?

Level I inspections points:

17. Is the bottom slot of the chemical fume hood unobstructed?

18. Is work within the chemical fume hood done at least 6 inches from the front of the hood?

20. Are full clear bags of solid waste properly identified as biological waste?

21. Have full bags of solid biological waste been autoclaved and have autoclaved tags been attached to the bags?

22. Are radioactive materials properly secured?

23. Are radiation laboratories locked when unoccupied?