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The autoclave in room 56-415 is shared by the Prather, Maheshri, and Stephanopoulos labs.

Below are some important notes about autoclave operation that were established after repairs were performed on 18Feb2009:

  • After running a Liquid cycle, let the autoclave exhaust/depressurize, then press the "Reset Jacket Pressure" button. If you run the Fast or Dry cycles, you do not need to press this button.
  • Before starting a cycle, first make sure that the jacket pressure is around 21-22 psi (using the gauge on the right-hand side). If the jacket pressure is too low, press the "Reset Jacket Pressure" button.
  • Other than when you are doing #1 and #2, do not press the "Reset Jacket Pressure" button. Previously, people have been pressing the button immediately after they start their autoclave cycle, but this actually causes the autoclave cycle to be longer.
  • DO NOT change the autoclave temperature. The current repairs on the autoclave occurred because someone broke the temperature gauge by changing the temperature. There is no reason why anyone whould have to change the temperature.

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