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Dr Jason Brown


I obtained my PhD researching ‘Polymorphisms of the equine MHC’ from The University of Liverpool, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Large Animal Hospital. May 2000 – Dec 2003. I also graduated from the University of Liverpool with M.Sc Industrial Biotechnology between September 1996 -September 1997 and B.Sc (Honours) Biochemistry,October 1993 – July 1996. My current research interests include investigating the role of candidate genes in the aetiology of Fibrotic disorders. I am an experienced post-doctoral research scientist with a broad understanding of molecular biology techniques. I am interested in the development and implication of novel scientific procedures and technologies in relation to understanding the aetiology of keloid disease and Dupuytren’s diseas.

Dr Jason Brown - Publications

Dr Jason Brown - Presentations

Dr Yankuba Kassama


I am currently investigating the protein expression profiles in keloids and Dupuytren’s using 2-D gel and mass spectrometric analysis.

Dr Yankuba Kassama - Publications

Dr Yankuba Kassama - Presentations