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Elective Medical Students (2007)

Miss Kathleen Elliot (Scotland)


Miss Kathleen Elliot - Publications

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Miss Marlies Maatje (Holland)


Medical student - Erasmus University, Rotterdam I am a fourth year medical student on from Erasmus University based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I have been given the opportunity to spend 6 months elective research studies at the University of Manchester, doing a research project in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. My current project is about the different structures present in scar tissue. To get a complete and integral overview of the structure of scar tissue, I will compare abnormal scars with normal skin tissue with the aid of different imaging techniques. My project will cover both in vitro and in vivo experiments using Raman and Infrared Spectroscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy. The in vivo part of my project will involve using a Near Infrared Spectroscope to image scars of patients.

Miss Marlies Maatje - Publications

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Current University of Manchester Undergraduate and Medical Students (2007)

Mr Benjamin C Brown


I am currently a medical student at The University of Manchester. At the time of writing, I am preparing for my final MB ChB examinations. Upon completion I will commence the Foundation Training Programme at Hope Hospital, in August 2007. My previous research has mainly focused on the psychosocial aspects of skin scarring. I have collaborated closely with experienced psychologists to: 1. assess the relationship between scar severity and psychosocial impact; 2. explore the different aspects of skin scars’ impact upon patient Quality of Life. Currently, I am in the process of validating a scar-specific Quality of Life instrument that I developed following intensive qualitative interviews with scar patients. In conjuction with physical severity scores, the aim is that this will provide a global assessment of skin scar severity for use in clinical settings and trials.

Mr Benjamin C Brown - Publications

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Miss Emma Cunliffe


Medical student - The University of Manchester I am currently a fourth year medical student and am undertaking my project option in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery research under the supervision of Dr Bayat at The Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre, in University of Manchester. My project looks at the quality of life with an interest in patients affected with Dupuytren’s disease. I will start in May 2007 and will examine the impact of the disease on quality of life.

Miss Emma Cunliffe - Publications

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Miss Lucie Collinson


4th year project option medical student at University of Manchester. Current Research: Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds from Skin Cancer We are investigating the volatile organic compounds (VOC) profile present in skin cancer. Our non-invasive technology collects VOCs from the skin surface using silicone elastomer skin patches. The VOCs are then recovered by two-stage thermal desorption and further analysed by gas chromatography – mass spectrometry (TD/GC-MS). The results will be compared with databases of known VOCs and pattern recognition will be used to identify the molecular signature of individual skin cancers. The ultimate goal of this study is to evaluate methodology in a clinical setting and to provide indication of the biomarkers of cancerous skin amongst the complex mixture of its volatile profile. The only method of diagnosis of skin cancer at present is tissue biopsy. Although reliable, it is invasive and has its risks like any surgery, such as infection. It can take time to receive the results of the biopsy. Pathologists and dermatologists occasionally disagree on the diagnosis from looking at the histology. This is particularly the case in malignant melanoma. Being able to detect skin cancer in the early stages would save lives. It is hoped that in time and with the help of this study we would be able to rank biomarkers for skin cancers.

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Mr Adrian Pearce


My previous research focused on the need for Omega-3 fatty acids in critical periods of development and the effect of Omega-3 deficiency on blood pressure control. This research utilized state-of-the-art technology to monitor abdominal aortic blood pressure remotely in ambulatory rats which eliminated stress artifact. I attended an industry-focused symposium on the adequate nutritional intake of Omega-3 fatty acids which sought to establish benchmark levels of Omega-3 fatty acids for the food industry in Australia, primarily, and potentially for the USA with representation from the United States FDA. Currently, I am investigating novel techniques for the objective assessment of keloid scars. I am currently a 3rd year Manchester University medical student at Wythenshawe Hospital. I undertake research part-time in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery investigating novel techniques for the assessment of keloid scarring. I previously completed a BSc at the University of Melbourne in Anatomy and Physiology and undertook an Honours year at the Howard Florey Institute of Medicine and Physiology in Neurobiology where I studied Omega-3 fatty acid requirements in perinatal periods of development.

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Mr Eyal Schechter


4th year project option medical student at University of Manchester looking into Keloid scarring.

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Miss Mattea Solomon


I will shortly have completed my 4th year of a Medical degree (MBChB) at The University of Manchester. I have had a long-standing interest in medical research and am hoping to interrupt my medical studies for a year to undertake a Masters in Research starting in September 2007. I have a particular interest in Paediatrics and Endocrinology. I am currently undertaking a 12 week research placement under the supervision of Dr A Bayat. The purpose of the project is the validation of a questionnaire which aims to measure disease-specific quality of life in scar patients. The questionnaire was complied in 2006 by a medical student carrying out an equivalent 12 week research placement with Dr Bayat. We are hoping to have a completed and validated instrument ready for use in clinical practice in 2007. My previous qualifications include three A-levels at grade A in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and three AS-levels at grade B in Mathematics, Politics and General Studies. In 2006 I carried out an audit in the Pathology department at Manchester Royal Infirmary. I hope to peruse a career in academic medicine after completion of my medical degree.

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Miss Alexis Thomas


4th year project option medical student at University of Manchester looking into VOC in wound healing.

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Mr Erik Witt


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Dr Adam Yates


After studying Medicinal Chemistry (First Class BSc.) and PhD. in Synthetic Chemistry with Prof. Charles McAuliffe at UMIST, I spent 5 Years as a Scientist at Procter&Gamble working for Technical Centres at Newcastle (UK) and Miami Valley Laboratories (US). To further my research ambitions, I am now undertaking a medical degree to complement my portfolio. My research interests include the role of stem cells during wound healing and the potential of these cells in reducing the scarring process. I have also very recently been short-listed for a Floukes Fellowship the result being released in the late summer.

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Previous University of Manchester Undergraduate and Medical Students

Mr Amit Bidwai

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Miss Samena Chaudhry

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Miss Anuya Deshpande

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Mr Delan Devakumar

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Miss Yumiko Doi

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Mr Ross Fawdington

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Miss Aroushka L James

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Mr Costas Kanaris

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Mr Shahrir Rizwan

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Mr Matt Stodell

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Mr Ben Taylor

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