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Dr Kian Tjon Tan


I am currently in the final year of my MBChB at the University of Liverpool due to graduate in July 2007. I am currently planning to do a postgraduate MRes degree at the University of Manchester immediately after qualifying. I have recently completed a study comparing the histopathological characteristics and clinical prognosis of excised keloids at Wythenshawe Hospital under Professor McGrouther and Mr Bayat. This study has identified key histopathological characteristics that might influence the prognosis and recurrence of excised keloids. I am due to present the findings of this study at the 2007 IPRAS, EURAPS and BAPRAS conferences. I hope to further this work during my MRes degree by getting involved in a project with this research group, studying the possibility of genetic susceptibility to keloid disease.

Supervisor: Dr Ardeshir Bayat. Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre

Dr Kian Tjon Tan - Publications

Dr Kian Tjon Tan - Presentations