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Dr Sandip Hindocha


As a medical student at the University of Manchester I completed a project in investigating the familial inheritance pattern and heritability in Dupuytren’s disease supervised by Dr Ardeshir Bayat. To date there is no study that has examined the whole human genome to identify candidate susceptibility genes in Dupuytren’s disease, therefore providing clues into the pathogenesis of fibrosis. I am hoping to commence this study as part of a PhD thesis in September 2007. I am currently the webmaster / web co-ordinator for the plastic surgery research group.

Dr Sandip Hindocha - Publications

Dr Sandip Hindocha - Presentations

Mr Wee Leon Lam

File:Weeleonlam.jpg I studied Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, and did my Basic Surgical Training at St James' University Hospital, Leeds before going onto my present post as a Specialist Registrar in Plastic Surgery, Manchester, UK. Before my specialist training (2002-2004) I also carried out a period of basic science research and gained an MPhil investigating the biology of Dupuytren's Disease at the University of Bradford. My area of research includes different aspects of wound healing, hand surgery and also pharmacological manipulation of fibroblasts for fibroproliferative disorders.

Mr Wee Leon Lam - Publications

Mr Wee Leon Lam - Presentations