Picking Colonies

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Picking Colonies (4/6) based on S. Boyarskiy's protocol:

Materials needed
  • 5mL (Note: that's milli, not µ) pipette -- in the JCA lab, this can be found in cabinets in rear of room. Return after use.
  • Use LB with antibiotic necessary for your experiment (Spec in our case for toxR plasmids)
  • 1 test tube, labeled
  • 1 bunsen burner (to sterilize pipette tip before drawing 5mL of antibiotic-LB, tube cap)
    • Do NOT breach the Z-axis of the burner's flame when grabbing materials on bench top/counter space.
  • toothpick to pick colony.
Tips for picking colonies
  • Pick an average colony (Not the biggest or smallest).
  • Make sure it is not in contact with any other colonies.
  • After putting 5mL of antibiotic-LB mixture into tube, lightly press toothpick into selected colony and drop into test tube.
Incubating picked colony in Warm Room (448A Stanley)
  • Turn off shaker before placing tube into rack.
  • Make sure to turn the shaker back on before you leave, don't F other's experiments up.
  • Turn light to room off after you are done. (On wall in hallway)