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DH 2
You're data and results need errors (and perhaps notes on where those errors came from. Also it might be good to have more information about the lab: motivation, setup, etc

The first day of the experiment the equipment was not operating according to the lab manual, and therefore we spent the day troubleshooting the CRT and voltage supplies.

Here is a link to a diagram of the CRT

A write-up of the initial troubleshooting methodology: Physics307L_F09:People/Gleicher/Notebook/070910

After Bill Miller discovered that an extra voltage was required on the CRT (5-12 Volts in parallel with heater voltage), we proceeded to take data Physics307L_F09:People/Gleicher/Notebook/070917.

Using Bragg's Law: 2*a*sin*=m*

Here is a link to the Excel sheet with my calculations Media:Data electron diff junior.xls

The values I calculated averaged to 1.99E-10 and 1.15E-10.