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1) The experiment we performed is detailed on this page Physics307L_F09:Labs/Oscilloscope.

2) The data I obtained is on my page Physics307L_F09:People/Gleicher/Notebook/070827.

3) The errors were measured by estimating the amount that the fall time would vary around a center

value. Unfortunately I have not been able to plot this yet.

Steven J. Koch 00:50, 31 August 2007 (EDT):In your lab notebook, you have three measurements for the fall time. You can use the mean of those as your estimate of the "true" value. You can derive an estimate for the error in your measurment from the spread in those three measurements (we will talk about this in the next lecture).

4) In the process of performing the lab I learned more about the wiki format, and got a refresher on how to use a scope.

5) I didn't explore much outside the procedure but performed measurements several times to make sure my data was reasonable.

6) One word: Barcaloungers