Physics307L F08:Schedule/Week 4 agenda/Week 4 notes

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Topic Good/Bad Notes and tips for next year Comments from Students
Notes about labs OK Give more of a spiel about personal safety. Then give advice about being very careful with instruments.
terminology: accuracy, precision, errors OK
terminology: deviation bad don't try to explain standard deviation off the cuff and only partially. Save it for a real thorough discussion
terminology: mean, media, mode OK use official definitions, be concise
mean +/- error Good we used the actual oscilloscope lab data and I think had a very enlightening discussion about how to assess the quality of data and whether it is OK to throw data out. How to be objective. I think this was a good lesson. We also by hand constructed a histogram, which maybe was useful, maybe not.
Here is the oscilloscope lab data (couldn't figure out how to paste in a table):
	Fall time (ms)			
Antonio	57.48			
Matthew G	52			
Zane		16.88	thrown out because of human error	
Erron	57.89333333	58.68	57.08	57.92
Brian	52.4			
Linh	1.08			
Cary	1.22			
Mike	48			
Bradley	52.33333333	52	53	52
Tomas	32			
Anne	52			
Kyle	53	(standard deviation of 0.8…how many measurements?)		
Lorenzo		(345.2 nanoseconds)		
Matthew D	38.01333333	59	21.36	33.68
Nik	51			
Jesse	56.66666667	58	57	55