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second week

Plank's Constant

Equipment and setup

battery outputs +8.70 -8.69

These measurements are with no filters

First Group:

  • First blue 2.075V
  • Second blue 1.721V
  • Third blue 1.505V
  • Green/yellow 1.025V
  • Orange/yellow 1.062

Second Group:

  • First blue 2.065V
  • Second blue 1.732V
  • Third blue 1.570V
  • Green/yellow 1.754V
  • Orange/yellow 1.587V

Experimenting with filters

First Group


  • 100%-2.085V-3.5s
  • 80%-2.0785-2.5s
  • 60-2.0785-4.5s
  • 40-2.0785-3.5s
  • 20-2.0785-3.5s

Suggestion For Tmprovement

Tomas and I figured that an O-Scope would work better for timing rather then a stop watch. With some trial and error we were able to make some accurate timing measurements by calculating the 10 and 90% of the expecting bias voltage then used markers to determine the time it took for the voltage to reach the 90% mark. This makes the lab a bit more time consuming but timing measurement were improved by about 30%.