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Physics 307L, Fall 2007

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Please contact Dr. Koch with questions.


See Physics307L F07:Grading.

Typesetting in TeX

Wikipedia guide to Tex editing in a Wiki
Harvard's page on typesetting math in TeX
Please note that the $ in TeX should be omitted in the wiki edit.

Some sample code

[math]\displaystyle{ f(x) = y + z }[/math]
[math]\displaystyle{ g(x) = \frac {z^{2 x}}{t + b_{j , i}} }[/math]

Wiki Editing Help

Editing wikis (wikipedia)
Guide to editing tables (wikipedia)

New Equipment List

2 New Digital Multimeters (R)
More Banana cords
Meter stick
Stop Watches
Digital Caliper
~50 V Source (Excitation Neon)(R)
matlab, mathematica, or maple (as an alternative to labview)
(R indicates equipment that needs replacement)